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Aljazeera.Net – Watching American TV in Beirut

Thursday, July 20th, 2006

Aljazeera.Net – Watching American TV in Beirut

The author writes “There is no indication of which side is doing the lion’s share of the killing, perpetuating a false sense of balance on the battlefield. “

Once again, they treat this conflict like a game. Balance. We kill one of yours, you can kill one of ours. It is not a game. Israel is fighting a limited war, with the goal of either winning, or degrading their opponent significantly. In a war, you don’t play tit for tat. You destroy your opponent’s ability and/or will to fight. Hezbollah and their supporters want to play the role of suffering innocents, their roads bombed, their airports destroyed, their houses flattened, their women and children dead. Well, if Hezbollah and their supporters don’t want their roads and airports bombed, they shouldn’t use them to transport weapons or combatants. If they want their houses, they shouldn’t hide missles in them. And if they want their women and children, they shouldn’t hide beneath their skirts and behind their toys.

As for claims that Israel is intentionally targeting civilians, were that true, there would be thousands and thousands dead, not hundreds. Unlike Hezbollah’s “Hail Mary” missles, Israel would be quite effective at killing innocent women and children if those were their actual targets.

Proportionate response

Friday, July 14th, 2006

There are those decrying the current Israeli response to the Hamas and Hizbollah as being ‘disproportionate.’ Idiots. This is not a game. Israel’s goal is not tit-for-tat — its goal is to make life miserable enough for the other side that they will bend to the will of Israel — meaning return the soldiers, and cease hostilities. If Hamas and Hizbollah do not bend, then I pray that Israel continue to add heat to the kettle. The miserable status quo of unending forays and raids and rocket fire and shelling and bombing and hostage taking and suicide bombings and such will end not by carefully measured proportionate responses. It will end when one side destroys the will, and/or means, of the other to fight. Go Israel! Turn the clock back.