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Political Confusion

Wednesday, September 17th, 2003

Today I received a letter from Nancy Pelosi, Democratic Minority Leader of the House of Representatives. She sent me a membership card, and asked me to pledge money to oppose the “extreme right-wing agenda” of the Republicans. I find this amusing. I get the same type of letters from the Republicans, asking me to pay $2500.00 for a seat at a presidential fund-raising dinner.

It seems that being a Libertarian is quite confusing to the other political parties. They cannot conceive of you not being one of them.

Something similar: I joined the ACLU. I largely support what they do, except their virtual disavowals of the 2nd and 10th amendments to our federal constitution. So, after I join, I am immediately buried in letters from liberal (as mis-appropriated) organizations. It seems that the ACLU feels that to favor individual liberty is a left-wing virtue.

The polarization of our political system is not just amusing, it is sad.