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The 2003 Chicago NOOD Regatta

Monday, June 16th, 2003

On Friday 6/13 and Sunday 6/15, I crewed on a fellow skipper’s new boat, the T-10 Rover. The boat has come a long way since they bought it last year, very nice. The NOOD regatta was quite large, and there were 49 T-10s on the starting line. Friday was not a worthwhile day: dense fog, horrible visibility. After managing to find the fleet and the committee boat, we then cruised around for several hours before the race committee told us to pack it in. Sunday, however, was a perfect sailing day. Our first race went well, mid-pack. The second race though was mistake compounded on mistake: wrapped lines on the winch, hourglassed spinnaker, pole topping lift seized in the mast, an emergency tack or two, and we were in the rear of the pack. Beautiful day nonetheless. Hopefully the weather will remain so for racing on my boat this weekend.